Permaculture design course starts May 12

Permaculture classEarn your certification in permaculture design at The Blockhouse School Project and leave your mark on an exciting new project!

  • 72 hour intensive course
  • Course runs: May 12-27, 2012
  • Implementation (optional): May 28-June 2

The course, facilitated by Graham Calder, has a broad curriculum demonstrating the principles, patterns and practices of permaculture design. It utilizes a variety of perspectives from local self-sufficiency to international aid. The course is forged to give a foundation for restoring, rebuilding and reconnecting human ecosystems.

Course outline

The course follows Bill Mollison’s book,┬áPermaculture: A Designers Manual, which is generally considered the bible of permaculture.

  • Ch 1 Introduction
  • Ch 2&3 Concepts, methods and themes in design
  • Ch 4 Pattern observation in nature
  • Ch 5 Climate systems
  • Ch 6 Water systems
  • Ch 7 Trees and their energy transactions
  • Ch 8 Soil Systems
  • Ch 9 Earthworks and earth resources
  • Ch 10 Cool temperate climates
  • Ch 11 Drylands
  • Ch 12 Tropics
  • Ch 13 Aquaculture
  • Ch 14 Global strategies for an alternative nation

Read more and register for the course on Graham Calder’s website.

Proposed site plan

Early Days: It is early days in The Blockhouse School project. As a participant in this Permaculture course, you have a unique opportunity to birth the transformation of the old school property at the same time that you achieve your certification in permaculture design.

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Permaculture design course starts May 12 — 2 Comments

  1. Great to hear the group’s been successful in leasing the school – hats off and good luck!