Our first meeting on site

About 20 people met at the Blockhouse School yesterday afternoon, Sunday April 22. Here’s a summary of the news:

We just got the keys to the school last Tuesday, so we are off to a later start than we had planned for. On the positive side, we may be able to take ownership of the building in as little as one year, rather than three as envisaged. We will have to put a lot of energy over the next year into preparing for the public hearing required for turnover of the property and another for getting a development permit.

Meanwhile, there is lots to do outdoors.

The Permaculture Design Course we are hosting in May will result in a design – a plan – for the transformation of the property into an ecological edible landscape. We now have sufficient registration for the course to go ahead.

Meanwhile, we can get a vegetable garden going in the area where a play structure used to be near the main door. First we need to empty the pea gravel out of it. Then we will add layers of manure, woodchips, etc. for lasagna-style beds. There is lots of work here for anyone who’d like to give a hand. See the new page under “Get involved > Things to do NOW on site“. We hope to keep this page updated with projects so that you can come to the school, get oriented quickly and make a valued contribution with the time you have available.

We should be able to do some straw bale type insulating this fall. Stay tuned for the opportunity to participate in a hands-on straw bale workshop.

We’ll soon have a phone number that you can call to see if anyone is on site. Depending on your project, you can also phone or e-mail one or other of the directors.

Most urgent needs: wheelbarrows or wagons and a gang to move all that pea gravel. (Or a Bobcat….) Also woodchips, or people who can haul some manure and woodchips to the site from donors who have offered, including one who can load trucks.

We need lumber of any sort and 4-5 gallon plastic buckets and especially ones with lids. Random hinges, hasps and other hardware would be gratefully accepted.

We would also like to transform one room into a “salon”, a meeting place of quiet comfort with lots of comfortable seating for formal and informal gatherings. Maybe a nice old carpet & heavy drapes…

Here’s the new “Things to Do Now on site” page, and here’s the ever-evolving “Things we need” page.

Neither page is complete of course!

There will be someone there most days for the next while. If you want to be sure, before we get our on-site phone, check with us the evening before.

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