Local food suppliers for PDC

Another gorgeous salad, spreads and bread.

Food for the Permaculture Design Certification Course in May 2012 was sourced as much as possible from local suppliers.

The acquiring of much of the fresh food was a way for some members as well as other local growers and producers to show their support for the Permaculture Couse in particular as well as the Blockhouse School project in general.

Some gave what they could, others provided key ingredients to many a tasty meal. Some contributions were so abundant, such as Rumtopf Farm, that they surpassed my wildest dreams. Wanda should be crowned our Garden Goddess extraordinaire — at least that’s how I now refer to her at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market. I know she had much support from her son in the picking of the delicious greens and amazing Bordeaux Spinach.

This is the main list of suppliers that are their own growers or producers, in no particular order:

Georgia Barnwell’s amazing gluten-free raw bread

Quite an interesting mix of products and a great snapshot of the sources we have here not only in Lunenburg County but in our backyard of neighbouring counties!

Thanks many times over.

~ Meredith Bell

PS: If we missed giving you credit here, many apologies. Please leave a message below and we’ll rectify it.

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