PDC Day 3: Patterns

Stalking the wild mustard

Today was less intense than yesterday and rather fun, as we looked for patterns in individual plants and then on the grounds themselves, and speculated on the causes.

For example:

  • Only one of the apple trees is in full blossom already. [A different variety? A heat trap at the corner of the property?]
  • Dandelions grow thickly in some places but not others. [Not deep or compacted enough for them? Different pH?]
  • Sheep sorrel and wild strawberries are growing in gravel. [Acidity indicators. Lack of competition? These plants will grow in very little soil.]
  • There’s one patch of wild mustard on the lawn.
  • A deer trail can be seen on the east corner.
  • There are a couple of surprising wet spots. [Bedrock near the surface? Clay deposit?]
  • Different salt-tolerant vegetation at the far corner of the school. [Winter salt drained off the asphalt?]


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