PDC Day 4: Climate and microclimates

Graham Calder casting a tall shadow

Today’s theme encompassed the broad strokes of world climate as well as the small details of microclimates created by features in the landscape.

Graham emphasized the oversimplification of the hydrologic cycle as it is usually taught in schools, ignoring the fact that 70% of rainfall is the result of transpiration from plants, and not just evaporation from the oceans. Such simplification results in an inadequate appreciation for the importance of forests to global climate.

There can be many microclimates on any property, and there are lots of things you can do to create and exploit them, including controlling the flow of frost, building greenhouses, creating rockpiles and berms, etc.

We explored the property for microclimates that would guide us towards choosing where particular plants would be happiest.

Click to see photo gallery and more information about building the herb spiral.

We were also introduced, via video, to Austrian permaculturist Sepp Holzer and the microclimates he creates with ponds at high altitudes.

Then we built an herb spiral: a compact garden bed that provides a variety of microclimates within a footprint 5 feet in diameter.

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