Two-Eyed Seeing: Presentation by Mi’kmaw Elder Albert Marshall, May 21

“Two-Eyed Seeing” is learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the strengths of Western knowledges and ways of knowing … and learning to use both these eyes together, for the benefit of all.

Presentation by Elder Albert Marshall of Eskasoni, and educator Prune Harris.

Everyone welcome, all ages, donations appreciated.

7 pm May 21 (Victoria Day) at The Blockhouse School

Albert Marshall, Elder & Honorary Doctor of Letters

Albert Marshall is a highly respected and much loved Elder of the Mi’kmaw Nation; he lives in Eskasoni First Nation in Unama’ki (Cape Breton), Nova Scotia, and is a passionate advocate of cross-cultural understandings and healing and of our human responsibilities to care for all creatures and our Earth Mother.

He is the “designated voice” with respect to environmental issues for the Mi’kmaw Elders of Unama’ki and he sits on various committees that develop and guide collaborative initiatives and understandings in natural resource management or that serve First Nations’ governance issues, or that otherwise work towards ethical environmental, social and economic practices.

Albert is a much sought after speaker locally, nationally, and internationally given his passion for and understanding of the Mi’kmaq culture and its ‘living knowledge’.

Albert was an inmate of the Indian Residential School in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, for much of his childhood and teenage years. He was profoundly affected by this experience and it has led him on a lifelong quest to connect with and understand both the culture he was removed from, and the culture he was forced into … and to help these cultures find ways to live in mutual respect of each other’s strengths and ways.

Read more about Two-Eyed Seeing and about Albert Marshall and his work on the website of the Institute for Integrative Science & Health at Cape Breton University. You’ll find many articles and presentations at this link on that site.

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Two-Eyed Seeing: Presentation by Mi’kmaw Elder Albert Marshall, May 21 — 2 Comments

  1. Was especially delighted to learn of your ‘Two-eyed seeing’ approach during the keynote talk by Cecilia Brooks today at the University of Waterloo during World Water Day. And I’m also intrigued, since I apparently have a (very distant) relation who was Mi’kmaw…:)