Garden work party Sunday June 24

It may damp, but warmish, so watch the weather and dress appropriately if you’re coming to help out on Sunday. We’ll do everything we can between 2 and 5 pm. Everyone welcome.

On the agenda:

Finishing the kitchen mandala garden: finish the sheetmulching with cardboard, adding wood chips to the paths and keyholes, and layering more leaves and manure lasagna-style on the beds. Then we can put in whatever vegetable transplants we may get, seed potatoes, seeds of peas, beans and squash, green manure etc. Whether or not they do very well this year, they’ll help get the soil dynamics going and create mulch.

Planting the trees, shrubs and herbs that have been waiting to get into the ground.  A wet day after a rainstorm is actually perfect for this job.

If enough people come, we can do more swale digging and leveling.

If you can bring a small trowel it may come in handy.

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