Kitchen facilitators: Thank you!

Georgia Barnwell slicing up her amazing gluten-free, flaxseed-based raw bread from her food dehydrator

Food being integral to permaculture, during the PDC our kitchen was like another classroom where students and volunteers experienced working with and eating food that was sourced as locally as possible, and shared recipes and ideas.

Many volunteers from the community helped out with preparing meals and sharing their knowledge. They are listed below. (If your name should be here, let us know!)

On behalf of all the students, organizers and instructors, many, many thanks to the following people who gave so generously of their time and passion:

  • Nancy Sherwood
  • Meredith Bell
  • Nancy Owen

    Apples dehydrated on the spot

  • Georgia Barnwell
  • Melanie MacInnis
  • Kate Sanderson
  • Paula Cheal
  • Helga Gruner
  • Maurice Gave
  • Jeanette Poirier
  • Carla Silver
  • Brenda Marita
  • Elli of the North
  • David Young
  • David Cameron
  • Monika Wildemann


Dips. (Photo: L. Fawkes)

Larone's lunch. (Photo: L. Fawkes)

Bread students have garnished with edible flowers

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