Kitchen mandala garden

The round vegetable garden behind the school was started during the implementation week following the PDC course in May 2012.

Sod was dug up from the paths and placed on the future beds. The central circular path was leveled and keyholes were dug off the paths to provide maximum access with minimum space taken up by paths. Dug downwards away from the paths, the keyholes are meant to hold heavy rainfall in the garden and distribute it to the plants.

We covered all the beds and paths in corrugated cardboard. In the paths, the cardboard was topped with woodchips. In the beds, manure and leaves begin a process of lasagna gardening.

We added vegetable plants donated E-I-E-I-O farm nearby: tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers, squash, as well as some potatoes and pea seeds. Obtaining a harvest was secondary to getting the soil working, but a harvest is always nice.

Some plants are doing better than others, of course.

Year-end update: The basil was surprisingly successful, as were the tomatoes. We got a lot of small eggplants, a few squash, and some potatoes growing under the cardboard.

Spring 2013 update: A few strawberry plants were put in late last fall and covered with straw. Egyptian onions planted in the middle are growing well. They can provide lovely onion greens at this time of year, and the bulbs will develop into a more substantial and tasty onion that is fabulous sautéed in butter with scallops!

The mandala garden needs some tidying up and more sheetmulch. It would be good to edge the outside perimeter to keep grass from invading.

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