The Great Turning, Thanksgiving Monday Oct. 8, 2012

Keith and Lauren turning shingles on the school exterior

Work party: from 10 am
Pot-luck dinner: 3 pm
Music jam after [details below]

IN CASE OF POURING RAIN we have indoor tasks to do, so the work party will go on.

To celebrate the Thanksgiving harvest of food and our growing community, you are invited to join us for The Great Turning on Thanksgiving Monday.

  • Turning shingles on more of the building as we have done outside the Artisan Showcase (formerly the principal’s office)
  • Turning sod in the paths of our new Community Mandala Garden
  • Turning toward the winter with a Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Feast at 3 pm. Everyone welcome. Please bring food to share. 
  • After supper, if there’s interest, we can have a music jam in “session” format. If you’d like to sing/lead a song or play a tune, you are welcome to join the circle.
We’ll be there from 10 am. Hope to see you.

To every thing – turn, turn, turn;
There is a season – turn, turn, turn…

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