Work Party Sunday Sept. 30

2-5 pm. Here are some things we can focus on:

Community Mandala Garden

Starting the community mandala garden Sept. 16.

This large garden was started Sept. 16. We removed sod from the innermost ring path, placed it upside down on the middle bed, covered with cardboard, leaves and soil. Next tasks:

  • Level the ring path (so that it will distribute water evenly around the circle). This involves using the water level and flat-edged shovels.
  • Finish adding cardboard on the central bed to cover all the sod, cover with earth from the leveling of the path.
  • Work on the next ring path, connecting paths and keyholes.
  • Tools: water level, shovels, spades forks – we have some, or bring your own.


We have some bushes to plant near the community garden. We’ll sheet mulch them and add some guild plants too.

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