Report on AGM

Lloyd taking new memberships at our AGM

South Shore Social Ventures Cooperative Ltd held its Annual General Meeting on November 12, 2012 at The Blockhouse School.

This is a brief summary of the meeting, not the official minutes.

We had a delicious potluck supper before the meeting.

Minutes of the previous meeting held Jan. 7, 2012, when the present Board was elected, which we’d decided should be considered our first AGM, were read and approved. Board members noted that we were early for this AGM, as we’d been under the impression that the previous meeting had been in November 2011. An AGM must be held once a year.

I (Heather) presented a slide show which summarized the events of the year, from January through the Leap Day Launch on Feb. 29, getting access to the building in April, the Permaculture Design course in May and all the events and site progress since. (Many of the photos are available on this website, and the slideshow has been used at our table at Transition Bay’s Great Unleashing. I’m working on a Powerpoint which will be available, and a video which I will post on YouTube and here when it is ready.)

A financial report was presented and approved and can be seen here.

Two new board members were elected: Lloyd Klassen who has been acting unofficially as a board member all along, and Matt Greenan from Halifax.

Some individuals indicated interest in working on the Development Agreement and Governance working groups.

Marsha Greenan offered to coordinate our membership list.

We had eight new members sign up at the meeting, as well as some membership renewals.



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