Current Situation, Need to Seriously Fundraise!

The Department of the Environment requires us to have our designed and approved septic system installed. We got an extension for installation to August 30, 2013 (having previously thought from the approval letter that we had until 2015).

We must fund-raise $20,000 and install the septic system by Aug 30!

Meanwhile, we are working on the other requirements for owning the property, since a Development Agreement must be written and approved by the Municipal Council and by the public before the property can be turned over to SSSVC.

MODL’s development officer and administration are in favour of extending our current lease and drafting a conditional agreement of sale which would make fund-raising a little easier and would in effect result in turn-over on August 30, if the council and public review and septic installation all came to pass by then.

We must make all of this happen for the project to move forward.

The Board is focusing all of its energy, aside from permaculture programming, on getting the Development Agreement completed and application made (a process that will itself cost $1300 in fees), and the fund-raising done for the estimated $20,000 septic system installation cost, all in a timely manner.

We’re looking for big ideas.

Especially ideas that can be leveraged into activities that further our goals.

We’ve been exploring the idea of building an outbuilding with recycled or discarded materials and raffling it. If you’re interested in exploring this, give Lloyd a call.

Got another Big Idea? Contact a board member and let’s discuss it.

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