From Linda Best, Friends of Agriculture

Friends of Agriculture logoTO:
Tammy S. Wilson, CAO
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
210 Aberdeen Road
Bridgewater, NS
B4V 4G8

Dear Ms. Wilson,

Friends of Agriculture is a non-profit organization with a mission to help ensure that food production is a economic generator providing employment and healthy food while rebuilding communities and rural areas of Nova Scotia.

As recently as 50 years ago most of the food consumed in the Province was grown by about 12,000 farmers and processed by local businesses. Today there are less than 4,000 farmers and few processing businesses. Concurrently we’ve lost the economic, social and health benefits of local food production. We are dependent on external businesses that support neither our economy nor our society – our money flows out followed by our people.

The Commission on Building our New Economy suggests that “we actively engage in shaping the future”. FANS believes that the key to rural economic development, with significant benefits for all citizens, lies in producing food for our consumption and, where appropriate, for export.

The Blockhouse School provides an opportunity for citizens to help shape the future. This prototypical undertaking will facilitate skills development, particularly around food production, and particularly amongst young families who are looking to create sustainable lives within a strong and vital supportive community.

FANS considers the Blockhouse School as a model for the economic benefits of repurposing existing buildings rather than the dismantling of one more piece of existing infrastructure.

Having visited the school many times and having browsed around the area we see the Blockhouse school as a building block for the revitalization of that part of the community. We envision the existing structures in that area filled once again with businesses that provide opportunities for local employment while attracting new money to the region.


Linda Best,
Ann Anderson,

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