Tiny Studio Progress Aug. 16

It’s the day before the Tiny Studio Raffle draw!

Colleen Jones was with us today and we’ll be on the NS News on CBC TV at 5:05 tonight!

She was very impressed with all that we’re doing at the school, and knew she couldn’t fit it all into a 2-minute segment. Maybe she’ll come back!

Very exciting….

Malcolm wearing the official Tiny Studio t-shirt

Malcolm wearing the official Tiny Studio t-shirt


A rider from neighbouring Hinchinbrook Farm checks out what’s going on.


Flashing has been installed on the roof. Lloyd and Malcolm prepare to put strapping on the walls. Clapboard siding will go on top.


David holds a window in place while Colleen Jones and Steve the cameraman interview Lloyd inside.


Colleen Jones interviewing Lloyd inside the Tiny Studio.


Heather and Malcolm in official t-shirts.

Tickets are still available. You can buy them in person at our CommuniTEA tomorrow or order them by credit card by calling 902-627-1294. Tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll be at the school, so call 902-531-7782 with your credit card order before 1:55 pm ADT.

Today Colleen Jones from CBC TV was with us, and we’ll be on the 6pm news tonight! More pictures to come of that visit.

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