IncrEDIBLE Picnic Sun. Sept. 22 – now with photos

A great event! We fed at least 137 people! We didn’t quite run out of food, except buns, but it was close, so it’s a good thing we closed off ticket sales the day before. The wind was really strong with a cold front coming in, so seating was indoors in the gym.

It was an absolutely delicious feast, and there were lots of familiar and unfamiliar faces, making a great mix.

Thanks to all who came, and especially to the cooks who volunteered their labour for the event, even though it’s what they do for a living! True community spirit.

Thanks also to the people who cleaned; know that you really made a difference. And congratulations to Meredith, Ma Bell, who masterminded the whole thing.

A few photos:

A local food extravaganza!
Sunday, Sept. 22, 1 pm – 4 pm
at The Blockhouse School Project


Pig roasted on site for pulled pork sandwiches with fixings
French bread
Asian Slaw and Seed Salad
Corn Boil on site with fresh Valley corn
Vegan/Gluten-free Seasonal Soup and handmade crackers 
Apple Flan (Dessert)
Hot Apple Cider

Chefs include:

Chris and Melissa Velden of Flying Apron Cookery!
Matthew Krizan of Mateus Bistro!
Meredith Bell of Ma Bell’s Country Condiments
Peter Hardy of Ashwood Ridge Farm

A limited number of tickets will be sold.
Reserve your ticket/s here. We will hold your ticket for you at the event.

We will be making decisions about food quantity before the event, so
please buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Please note: the “Family” price is intended to enable people with children at home (who are often cash-strapped) to attend together. The intention is that adults pay $15 each, even if coming as a couple. This is a fundraiser after all, though with much deliciousness involved, and also a community event and celebration of local food.


Our event caps off Local Food Awareness Week by the Local Food Team.
Co-sponsored by Select Nova Scotia.
Proceeds go towards the creation of a
at The Blockhouse School Project.

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