Project achievements in our first two years

Open windows in August

In its first two years, on a shoestring budget, the Project has:

  • Twice run the full 2-week Permaculture Design Course, with a third PDC happening in June-July this year;
  • Become the venue for the Mahone Bay Area Farmers’ Market which runs from spring to fall;
  • Innovated and demonstrated alternative building techniques with straw bales and surplus books;
  • Successfully fundraised for and installed a new septic system on the property;
  • Brought people together for well-attended community events such as the IncrEdible Picnic and the annual CommuniTea, as well as smaller pot-lucks and work parties;
  • Created a permaculture design for the property, and begun implementation with earthworks and planting;
  • Collaborated with the Farmers’ Market and Hinchinbrook Farm to begin the creation of a Therapeutic Garden;
  • Hosted regular Open Mics in the summer months;
  • Rented long-term space to several local micro-businesses, and short-term space for community events and courses;
  • Created an Artisan Showcase as part of a long-term goal of building mutual support structures for small businesses;
  • Developed a strong internet presence and participated in local and regional organizations;
  • Engaged in future planning for the building, including a commercial kitchen and alternative energy solutions.

This is a general summary of the project’s achievements, and not meant to be an exhaustive list. If I missed something, feel free to add it in the comments.

With more milestones to achieve before it can own the property, the Project is looking for people with organizational and practical skills to help make the vision a reality. For more information, contact one of the Directors.

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