Sustainability Expo and the Local Network


Shirley and Myk at our booth at the Sustainability Expo

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Sustainability Expo yesterday.

We had lots of interesting conversations. There were many people who had vaguely heard of our project, and it was a good chance for them to find out more about it.

We talked with quite a few people who are fairly new to the area and interested in finding out what is going on in the sustainability field here, and thinking about where and how they might get involved.

We hope they were impressed with the sustainability seeds that are being planted by a variety of organizations and nurtured by the Community Sustainability Network.

101_8942cr-sIf the organizations and relationships among them seem confusing, imagine a square dance. You swing your partner now, and later you swing your neighbour, or the one opposite. Hopefully the choreography and working together results in a harmonious whole, but sometimes we get a little out of step and have to scramble to keep up with the music.

The music does play on, however, and the seeds we are planting locally today are our best response to the often disturbing music we hear on the news.

And what is more hopeful than a seed?


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