“Thank You”s from the Chair

South Shore Social Ventures Coop logoFrom our AGM on April 14, 2014:

I’m happy to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming today and I would like to thank specific members for their generosity towards the Blockhouse School Project:

Thank you to the board members now stepping down, for the hours logged, kilometers driven, meetings attended, tasks performed: Maureen Lewis, Paul Pickering, Matt Greenan, Meredith Bell.

Thank you to the long-term renters who have essentially paid the project’s monthly bills, put up with leaks, lack of custodial staff and heat, and temperamental electrical breakers: Lloyd Klassen, David Young, Paul & Paula, Moni, Krystle and myself.

Thank you David Young for your many volunteer hours of building maintenance and the use of your lights and computer equipment for so many programs…and turning off lights & locking up when I forgot.

Thank you Linda Schembri for assisting with the cooking for last Spring’s Permaculture program and thanks to John Schembri for all the summer’s mowing which saved our butts!

Thanks to Meredith for so much; collaborating with Darrell Freeman on a really great logo, bringing The Mahone Bay Farmers Market to the project, organizing the Incredible Picnic, the therapeutic garden initiative, negotiating a critical loan, and networking for SSSVC with a such a long list of organizations, it boggles the mind!

Thank you Heather for your ceaseless efforts in providing our wonderful website & promoting the project at outside venues & making sure we have attractive promotional materials and fund-raising items.

Thanks to Shirley, Rob, Mykal and Meredith for promoting the project at other venues.

Thanks Lloyd for the Tiny Studio & Elisabeth Bailey for her enduring patience; thanks to all those that sold & bought raffle tickets; thanks to Signe and Sarah for organizing the Open Mics; thanks Mykal for work on tiny studio & bookwalls & so much else; thanks Michael B for work on tiny studio; thank you Jeanette for making the Blockhouse Spirit Tea & being our local resident herbalist & connecting us to Mexico through your volunteer work there; thanks Paul for promoting our work through the Waldorf community; thank you Zane for all the help with design and drafting; thanks to David Young, Rob Hennessey & Rowan Skinner & Meredith & Jeanette & Mike Ernst & Trevor Keddy for contributions of time & materials to the tiny studio; thank you Krystle for showing us how attractive and alive spaces can be made….

Thanks to Karen Langlois, Georgia Barnwell, Treechild, and Helga Grunner for programming efforts in 2013. Thanks Marielle for offering help with new programming -to be continued!

Thanks to the youth group and their parents for saving the big pine!

Thank you all the many, many people for the wonderful pot-lucks!

Thank you Marsha Greenan for helping with the membership list.

Thank you Patty McGill and Hinchinbrook Farm for using the school property for your therapeutic riding programs on a regular casual basis, and for choosing our site for a joint therapeutic garden project with Mahone Bay Farmer’s Market. Thank you also for chairing the Community Park group & spreading pea-gravel under swings & for giving children pony cart rides during Blockhouse School Project events.

Thank you Dennis for the woodchips for last year’s PDC.

Thanks to spouses & family members of the board for being understanding about all the time, $ and effort spent at or for the Blockhouse School by their partner, mother or father.

Thanks to Nancy Sherwood for painting gate posts, donating roofing for the Tiny Studio and making PDC menus and shopping lists.

and last but not least, thank you Carol for facilitating this AGM.

David Cameron, Chair

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