Greenhouse Building Workshop May 10-11

greenhouse frame

Greenhouse frame at The Iron Cauldron

In two days, Saturday and Sunday, learn how to build a greenhouse quickly, cheaply and effectively!

At The Iron Cauldron Farm Co-op in Parkdale

The course includes classroom theory and hands on setup/construction.

Learn to:

  • Source materials.
  • Build the frames.
  • Watering, ventilation, foundation layout,
  • Site preparation.
  • Use easily found materials to erect, place and use smaller type greenhouses. Solar greenhouses will be discussed.
  • Build an easy to make door of 3-ply construction.
  • Use of coverings such as glass, plastic, plastic panels.
  • If time permits: bench designs, tables, alternative water collection and heating methods.

At The Iron Cauldron Farm Co-op, 3388 Barss Corner Road, Parkdale, NS


Enjoy 3 meals with new friends.

Camping available in the barn or outside.

Call 902-818-8395.

The Iron Cauldron Co-op is an Associate Member of SSSVC.


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