Work on the Wetland Trail – now with photos

pic of 4 people on trail through bushes

Rosmarie Lohnes (squatting) and her crew from Helping Nature Heal

The Wetland Trail is now well begun. Helping Nature Heal (Rosmarie Lohnes and a crew of 3) came yesterday and forged a trail through the fence and the humongous rosebush then across the tiny tinkling stream that comes from the cattail pond and then along the eastern property line to the Rail Trail. This was accomplished with leaves and pallets that we have collected and woodchips from the Municipality. The property line section has been laid out but not completed as it is very wet there and about 40 more pallets will be needed (which we need to gather up and lay out) to make a double layer path of them across that part. The trail can eventually be connected to the Park area with high-ground paths and some living willow fence from the willow canes established nearby this year, and also have spurs that poke out into the wetlands.

The trail will take a lot of upgrading over time to make it stroller friendly, though any able and active person can easily make their way along it, probably even pushing a bike once the rest of pallets are down.

It was wonderful of Rosmarie and her crew to give us the day.

Take a tour of the wetland trail as of October 2014.

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