Permaculture Potluck and Discussion

5 woofers

Visitors at the school for our Permaculture Potluck. Credit: Camelia Frieberg

Our potluck and permaculture discussion on November 15 covered an interesting range of topics. We were pleased to welcome a group of woofers who have been working at Watershed Farm who shared their experiences. From the picture you can see that they’ve had a very happy time working and living together.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • Good results from techniques such as no-dig lasagna beds and hugelkultur.
  • What’s growing in the nursery bed (some real success there).
  • Results of experiments growing quinoa and amaranth.
  • The relationship between spirituality and permaculture, and how some see a spiritual relationship with the earth as essential if we are to not repeat the old mistakes, while others take pains to keep the actual course content technical.
  • Plans for our 2015 Permaculture Design Course (PDC) next summer with Bonita Ford at Solomon Brook Farm.
  • The healing effects of working in a garden.


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