Minutes of AGM April 17, 2015

SSSVC AGM 2015 Minutes – Friday April 17th, 2015

Ann Bromley, Carol Bradley, Casey Hayes, Charlene Flint, Charlene Morton, David Cameron, David Walmark, David Young, Heather Holm, Helga Gruner, Krystle Retieffe, Lloyd Klassen, Maggie Gilbert, Marsha Greenan, Mary Lou Croft, Mary Walmark, Matt Greenan, Meredith Bell, Monika Wildemann, Mykal Koloff, Nancy Sherwood, Patricia McGill, Rowan Skinner, Wanda Martell.

1. Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.
Moved by Carol Bradley, Seconded by Patty McGill – all in favour.

2. Motion to adopt minutes from 2014 AGM.
Moved by Rowan Skinner, Seconded by Meredith Bell – all in favour.

3. Motion made by Meredith Bell to move for conveyance of TBS
Seconded by David Young, 2 opposed – motion carried.

4. Motion to accept Financial Statements.
Moved by Carole Bradley, Seconded by Mykal Koloff – all in favour.

5. Motion to adopt quorum rules
Moved by Heather Holm, Seconded by Ann Bromly – all in favour.

Leaving Board:
David Cameron, Lloyd Klassen, Gail Tuttle, Jason Remy, David Young, Heather Holm

Mykal Koloff, Heather Squires, Jeanette Poirier, Ann Bromly, Krystle Retieffe, Meredith Bell, Patricia McGill, Rowan Skinner, Matt Greenan

6. Motion to accept new board slate
Moved by Heather Holm, Seconded by David Young – all in favour.

It was decided that SSSVC will move towards conveyance of the property. There is no immediate need to decide the logistics of how the environmental assessment will be paid, this will allow ongoing projects and rentals to continue and expresses our intention to MODL. Structural assessment of building will also be a factor in whether or not SSSVC actually would like to take over property.

It was also noted that the project’s vision should be re-framed as a ‘community centre’, such that people in the community see the value in the project. Out of this comes programming, enterprises, garden projects, etc. If we can pitch the project such that it appeals to a broader demographic, we are much more likely to succeed.

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