May 2012, during the PDC course taught by Graham Calder of P3 Permaculture:

Building a lasagna garden bed

The class built a new garden bed behind the soccer backstop for vines, such as Hardy Kiwi, to climb.

The lasagna method of gardening eliminates gardening’s most backbreaking chore: breaking up sod. Instead, the sod stays in place, covered with a couple of overlapping layers of corrugated cardboard and layers of leaves, manure, kitchen scraps, straw – whatever you have. Within a season, the grass has died and added itself to the organic material now decomposing into rich, light growing medium, with worms and fungi multiplying and doing the bulk of the work.

Plants can immediately be planted on top of holes punched in the cardboard. Larger trees and bushes can be planted before laying the cardboard.


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