Location & History: Blockhouse is in a preeminent location for showcasing sustainable design and practice here in the Maritimes: Just 45 minutes from Halifax, the international airport, and right off major artery Highway 103 at exit 11, Blockhouse sits at a major cross-province crossroads that links Halifax and Yarmouth and the South Shore and the Annapolis Valley. The cross-roads trails were ancient when the Europeans arrived, foot-paths of the seasonally-nomadic Mi’kmaq that were the original stewards of this land.

Land and socio-agricultural base: Old drumlin-based hill farms, many out of production for decades, some quite robust and still going strong, abound in the area. Totally new organic agro-enterprises are just springing up as well. Farmer’s Markets in the area are thriving and growing, as are a few CSA operations. Previous generations in the area were very nearly self-sufficient at the family and community levels in food, shelter, energy and employment, and made most of their own entertainment as well.

The 4-way stop in Blockhouse

The famous 4-way stop in Blockhouse

Infrastructure: Blockhouse is an old working-class village with a few venerable buildings, a working specialty sawmill and a lumber-yard with wood-working store and lumber finishing mill. This is home to Hinchinbrook Farm Horse-Boy Training, Wee Giants Puppetry, Herbal Wisdom, and many tradespeople from electricians to carpenters, sheet-metal workers, welders and plumbers, painters, auto mechanics, picture framers and massive masonry stove builders, to mention just a few. The volunteer Fire Department is very active and prominent in community affairs and there is a Waldorf school across the street from The Blockhouse School. Our activities may become part of their curriculum and some of our space may be shared with Waldorf students as property, building renovations and relationships develop. Part of the School property is slated to become a cooperative Family Park. Permaculture “grazing”, low-ropes course and disc-golf anyone? Part of the School will become a certified time-shared community kitchen to help local producers and the Project, process, store and share the fruits of our lands.

Lunenburg Town and Harbour

Lunenburg Town and Harbour

Environs: The Blockhouse School sits on a spur-portion of the Trans Canada Trail! Blockhouse is 5 minutes from charming Mahone Bay and 10 from the historic port of Lunenburg, both major tourism destinations. We are surrounded by some of the most varied, historied and beautiful geography that Canada has to offer.


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