year10-smallThe permaculture design for the property developed out of the Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course taught at the school by Graham Calder of P3 Permaculture Design in May 2012, barely a month after we obtained the keys.

The plan was based on the assumptions we had at the time. Circumstances have changed in the meanwhile. Notably, in 2013 we were required to put in a large septic field in much of the area that we had slated for agriculture with swales and berms. Also, a study of the building will probably result in a dramatic rethinking of what we can do with it.

The design is in three phases.

Phase 1 (Year 1) covers the period from May 2012 until 2013. There are some limitations to what we can do during this period, but we can lay the groundwork and plant seeds (all the metaphors are apt) for the future, without spending a lot of money. Read more…

In Phase 2 (Years 2-5) we set in motion many of our foundational dreams for the project. There will be growing community involvement and some projects that will require fundraising, though the ultimate goal is a self-sustaining, abundant project that gives more than it receives. Many of these plans are contingent on obtaining title to the property, which will hopefully happen in 2015. Read more…

Plans for Phase 3 (Years 6-10) are necessarily fanciful to some extent, and will depend on circumstances and the Art of the Possible. However, they are but a bare outline of what we can do in 10 years. Let them inspire you. Read more…


Our Permaculture Design — 2 Comments

  1. Good work! Some of the symbols on the design I understand (having taken part of the course), but others I do not understand. Will we be discussing this design further at the meeting on June 8th?

    • Go to the individual pages for the three phases (especially Phase 1) and you will see a detailed explanation for the features. There’s no secret code to the symbols! 😉

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