This phase sees the elements of the previous phases expanded and completed. The property is moving into production in all aspects.

Classes, workshops, research are taking place in the existing structures. The school is a destination and a living, vibrant centre.

This plan is just an idea. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be different.

A. Geodesic greenhouse on the roof, with UV stabilized plastic sheets

  • Weight is borne by walls in this kind of structure.
  • Weight on roof itself would be limited to that allowed for snow load.
  • The green roof idea doesn’t look too possible given the structure of the trusses.

B. Second boardwalk to rail trail

  • Allows people to make a loop
  • Fundraise for names on the boards, as at Hirtle’s

C. Remove protector evergreens in windbreak when desired species are established.

D. Swale system completed and in production.

There could also be:

  • Zip line from Prometheus to the bottom of the lawn
  • Natural building site(s)
  • You imagine it, and come and make it happen!



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