The Project is Ending

Dear Members and Supporters,

I am disappointed to announce that the Blockhouse School Project is coming to an end. The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg have given us until October 18th to vacate the property. The barriers to success overcame the vision. We are told MODL is planning to tear down the school soon.

old school and busThe Blockhouse School was initially built by the municipality. The school was given to the province with the stipulation that it given back to the community when the Department of Education was finished with it so as not to lose the asset.

When the Department of Education no longer had need for the school, it was returned to the municipality, but due to its condition, it is now considered a liability. This building still has tremendous potential to become an economic and social hub for the community, but only if council can be persuaded to spend its funds on renovation, rather than demolition, which is expected to cost at least $150,000 of taxpayers’ dollars.

Art from used booksRegardless of what the future holds, much was learned from this experience. The project provided significant opportunities for individuals, small business and local organizations over the three short years of its existence. Some students of the Permaculture Design courses have already successfully gone into commercial food production. Mi’kmaw language renewal blossomed at the Blockhouse site. The collaborative Hinchinbrook Farm/Mahone Bay Farmers Market “We Dig Food” garden therapy bloomed and thrived here as well. Artists and craftspeople made and displayed new work, local young musicians jammed, and the famous recycled book-wall made the pages of a professional international library journal as well as a nationally distributed textbook for young people. We ate fabulous celebratory meals, danced, shared skills and wisdom, gardened, dribbled basketballs and built a Tiny Studio.

IncrEdible Picnic (Bea Schuler photo)It is challenging to fit a creative project within the restraints of government regulation. Success can only be achieved through effective communication and collaboration between the project managers and those on the government side. Unfortunately, sufficient collaboration was not developed in this instance.

We dreamed big, but bit off more than we could chew…it would have been a shame not to have tried.
South Shore Social Ventures Coop logoUltimately, we would like to say thank you to the many people who gave time, energy and resources to this project. The experiences that were created will never be torn down.
Ann Bromley for the Directors of SSSVC, past and present.

Yard Sale Sunday Sept. 27

We will be having a yard sale fundraiser! Looking for volunteers to help – and shoppers.

TIME: Sunday, Sept. 27, 9 am to 1pm,
WHERE: The Blockhouse School in the gym. (The Waldorf School is having one at the same time.)

WHAT: Tables, chairs, desks, garden tools, other tools, books, dishes, pots and pans, carpets, folding garden chairs, bicycles, a stroller, light fixtures, exterior paint, costumes, sleeping bags, and much more.

Funds raised will go to pay outstanding bills.

For more info or to volunteer, contact Jeanette, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Impromptu musical event, Wed. July 29

Skip LaPlante

Skip LaPlante

We have a very short-notice opportunity to host a musical adventure at Blockhouse School tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, beginning at 7:47

Long time friend Skip LaPlante from NYC is visiting & brought one of his inventions with him. Skip makes instruments from recycled materials, composes work and then plays it-sometimes with his collective in NY and often by himself at various venues open to experimental music.

A highly trained and skilled percussionist, Skip can, & will, jam with anyone in any style of music. Skip worked in the NYC school system for many decades.

Our plan is to quickly get in touch with folks in the local music community who may have an interest in working (bring an ax) /listening with Skip for an evening, going where the sound takes us. Skip will start with a solo composition & then branch out from there.

In addition we are inviting people who like to move. The intention is that sometimes the players will follow the dancers and vice versa. Sometimes participants will just jam!

The audience will consist mainly of family & friends of the participants and the door will be open, similar to Open Mic sessions. Please do invite friends! There will be no charge for the event but we will put out a donations jar as usual.

David C.

PS: Meet him in this video:

Photos from our CommuniTEA, July 12, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to another successful event!

Sunday July 5 is Cleanup Day! Come help!

broom-and-mopOYE OYE OYE 

SUNDAY is massive clean-up day at Blockhouse School.  This is both spring clean up and getting ready for the July 12th Communi-TEA.
JULY 5th THIS Sunday – Projects include:
weed whacking 
tidying up outside
washing down the kitchen, gym and bathrooms
and anything else that is out of place.
Come when you can between 9 and 5.
We need buckets, brooms and mops and cleaning materials, so please bring anything you can from home.
Contact Patty at email hidden; JavaScript is required or Ann Bromley at email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions.