From zero to 120 in 3-and-a-half weeks


With the arrival of a Katimavik volunteer and PDC course work-share participants on site, the school is coming back to life and taking on a new energy.

Various rooms are finding new uses.

The kitchen is being cleaned, supplied and stocked in preparation for the PDC course.

Thanks to Lloyd Klassen, our master carpenter, we have an operational privy.

gardenbed2Inside, we’re setting up dorms for the PDC students, a lounge area and a kids’ play area. Outside, a garden bed is just starting to take shape.

The portable classroom (what do we call it? Fred? The Satellite?) is being set up as an office, complete with a cozy board room.

We are very grateful for donations of supplies, equipment and yes, cookies, which are arriving on a daily basis.

See the new photo gallery of progress on site.

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